An engaging and nurturing 3 and 4 year-old pre-kindergarten program that is socially and academically designed to encourage development of the complete child.

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An innovative and comprehensive kindergarten through fifth grade program that engages inquisitive minds through active and inquiry based instruction.

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Middle School

A program that embraces the sixth through eighth grade student in order to help them master the skills and content needed to understand how God has designed the world.

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High School

The robust academic offerings, student life, spiritual environment, and physical program is designed so that every student can be challenged and pursue their passions.

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Salem Christian School can provide your child with a proven, well-established Preschool program.

  • A loving environment for your child to grow

  • Activities to stimulate learning while having fun

  • Creative curriculum with hands-on learning

  • Daily Bible stories and activities

  • Music and movement

  • A loving and experienced staff

Your child is special – to you, to Jesus, and to us. At Salem, we strive to care for the whole child, seeking to meet the spiritual, academic, social, and emotional needs of each child. We further seek to provide an environment in which your preschooler can discover their world, whether it be learning about God’s wonderful creation or about the letters of the alphabet. We are partners with you in helping your child learn and grow.

Class Hours

Elementary School

Tremendous growth and excitement about learning characterize the elementary years. Students grow in academic skills, social understanding, biblical knowledge, and independence in studies.

The Kindergarten through grade five program is designed to engage inquisitive minds in an active and developmentally appropriate manner using research based and high-yield methods of instruction. The teachers employ individualized, small group and large group instruction in order to meet the individual needs and ensure mastery of the content and skills.

Students enjoy a deep and innovative academic program that illuminates God’s world that includes Bible, a student-based reading program, Singapore math approach, spelling, creative writing, social studies, and science. The elementary program is enriched with music, art, Spanish, STEMM lab, technology, science lab, chapel, and physical education. Opportunities for differentiated enrichment are available for students who meet the criteria. Additionally, the students are involved in field trips to enhance their classroom experience.

Critical thinking skills that examine academics and life experiences from a biblical perspective are infused throughout the program. All subjects illuminate biblical truth and challenge students to use their God-given abilities to glorify Him and see the world as He would desire.

Elementary teachers are highly qualified and participate regularly in professional development opportunities. They embrace a biblical model for instruction and discipline as they instruct and equip students.

In April, the Terra Nova 3 Achievement Test is administered to students in grades K – 8.

Enrichment Activities

Middle School

During the adolescent years, our qualified and committed teachers guide students through this changing period in life with challenging academic instruction combined with the development of critical thinking skills. Core subjects include Bible, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Also offered are Art, Computer, and Physical Education. Scriptural principles and values are integrated throughout the curriculum and in classroom discussions, as essential to true Christian education.

Middle School students establish rewarding friendships so important to their self-image during several outings throughout the year. Making and strengthening wholesome friendships is encouraged at these events. Salem’s goal is to balance a rigorous academic program with opportunities for social and spiritual development, and athletic activities.

Middle School students experience weekly Chapel services where they may lead and participate in worship, as well as hear some of the area’s finest Christian speakers and youth pastors.

Middle School classes are semi-departmentalized. Students change classes to meet with teachers who specialize in their subject areas.

High School

Salem Christian School is a rich, Gospel-centric learning community committed to offering a comprehensive, Biblically infused, Christian worldview developing education that focuses on preparing students fully for whatever God has designed for them in their next stage of life.

This Christian community of learning is defined through a discipleship and mentoring relationship between the student and the teacher. The individual learner is challenged to reach their God-given potential. The faculty and staff establish a program that challenges the student to impact the world through biblical thought and actions.

We offer a robust and rigorous curricular program with Honors, Dual Enrollment, and specialized coursework in Math, English, Science, History, the Fine Arts, and World Languages while also offering academic support for those needing additional assistance in their specific learning process. Additionally, the program is designed to offer courses and time to pursue further learning and discovering areas the student is passion about exploring and developing. We strive to be individualized for the global impact.

Curriculum Overview
Graduation Requirements

Salem Voices Speak

“The things I’ve discovered, the lessons I’ve learned, and the relationships I’ve built have affected me in such an amazing way, that I can’t imagine where I would be without Salem.”


“Salem has impacted my walk with God through community that I know I can depend on.”

Noah R., Alumni

“Every aspect of Salem has always tied in with God. Salem to me is not like a school, it’s like being at home.”

Daniel S., Alumni

“Salem has put good habits in my life. To start each day with prayer is a really powerful thing.”

Alexis J., Alumni

“The teachers incorporate some biblical aspect into [every class] and that’s really helped me see the world through God’s point of view.”

Alyssa B., Alumni

“Thanks to Salem, I can go into my “toolbox” and pull out verses to give me hope.”

Tim H., Alumni

“[At Salem], teachers love and care for you and want you to excel.”

Nicholas M., Student

“We love the impact this school is having both academically and spiritually.”

Stephen D., Parent

“Finding a school who teaches not only foundational knowledge, but to love God with the mind, body, and soul is rare, and is the quality of education we want for our [children].”

Wayne M., Parent

“Without Salem, there is no telling where I would be in standing with people and with The Lord. God has used those discoveries, lessons, and incredible people to change my life.”


“In a world that is ever changing and uncertain, we are thankful that our children are able to receive the caring, Christ-centered education that Salem provides.”

Bekah H., Parent

“Salem Christian School has been a blessing to my entire family. Men and women who serve in this ministry have had a profound impact on my family. When I think of the positive influence the school has had in forming my children’s Christian worldview, I know that it was significant. The school has been a very important part of my children’s academic and spiritual development. We will continue to support the school in any way we can, but especially through prayer.”

Anonymous, Parent

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