Expected Student Outcomes

We expect Salem Christian School students to see that all things (academic and non-academic) are sacred to God and serve the purpose to serve and glorify him. To these ends we expect our students to:


  • employ a Christian worldview and thorough knowledge of scripture to determine Truth, share the Gospel, and defend the Faith;

  • think critically, creatively, and with confidence;
  • plan, create, and produce quality intellectual, artistic, and physical products;
  • be academically prepared for the college or career training of their choice;


  • be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ transformed by the Gospel;
  • serve others, especially those in need, through  creative, logical, and wise methods;

  • be engaged in impacting their world positively, logically, creatively, and biblically;

  • clearly express one’s self through writing, verbal articulation and creative activity


  • demonstrate the character of Christ in all areas of everyday life;
  • love others consistently; and
  • effectively communicate and pursue opportunities to share the Gospel.

Salem Voices Speak

“The things I’ve discovered, the lessons I’ve learned, and the relationships I’ve built have affected me in such an amazing way, that I can’t imagine where I would be without Salem.”


“Salem has impacted my walk with God through community that I know I can depend on.”

Noah R., Alumni

“Every aspect of Salem has always tied in with God. Salem to me is not like a school, it’s like being at home.”

Daniel S., Alumni

“Salem has put good habits in my life. To start each day with prayer is a really powerful thing.”

Alexis J., Alumni

“The teachers incorporate some biblical aspect into [every class] and that’s really helped me see the world through God’s point of view.”

Alyssa B., Alumni

“Thanks to Salem, I can go into my “toolbox” and pull out verses to give me hope.”

Tim H., Alumni

“[At Salem], teachers love and care for you and want you to excel.”

Nicholas M., Student

“We love the impact this school is having both academically and spiritually.”

Stephen D., Parent

“Finding a school who teaches not only foundational knowledge, but to love God with the mind, body, and soul is rare, and is the quality of education we want for our [children].”

Wayne M., Parent

“Without Salem, there is no telling where I would be in standing with people and with The Lord. God has used those discoveries, lessons, and incredible people to change my life.”


“In a world that is ever changing and uncertain, we are thankful that our children are able to receive the caring, Christ-centered education that Salem provides.”

Bekah H., Parent

“Salem Christian School has been a blessing to my entire family. Men and women who serve in this ministry have had a profound impact on my family. When I think of the positive influence the school has had in forming my children’s Christian worldview, I know that it was significant. The school has been a very important part of my children’s academic and spiritual development. We will continue to support the school in any way we can, but especially through prayer.”

Anonymous, Parent