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What Difference Does God Make?

The thinking we have about God and who he is is essential.  Knowing God as omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) and omnipresent (present everywhere) is a keystone to the Christian thought.  To a Christian, it is essential to see Jesus Christ as God. He is part of the trinity [...]

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What’s Real?

We hope you get a broader understanding what Christian education is.  And, we hope that you find Salem Christian School the premier Christian school in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. This is an episode within a series by Dr. Stanton, our Head of School, on Christian worldview.  Resulting from [...]

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Employment Opportunities

The Athletic Department is look for qualified indviduals for the following positions: Spring 2021: 1) Middle School Baseball Baseball Head and Assistant Coach 2) High School Interscholastic Girls Soccer Head and Assistant Coach 3) Middle School Girls Soccer Head and Assistant Coach 3) Track and Field Head and Assistant Coach   Fall 2021:   [...]

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Impending Snow Event and Remote-Learning

Schedule: The High School will begin with homeroom and attend the odd period classes (1,3,5,7).   This schedule will enable all core subject to have a full period (1/2 block) of in-person instruction.  It is important to maintain in-person instruction as much as possible after so many disruption. Elementary and [...]

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Thinking is Essential

It is important for everyone to consider their thinking. We all do it. If we want to live a good and virtuous life, we must think good and virtuously. Dr. Stanton presents worldview a chat about thinking.  Enjoy the podcast by clicking the link below.   https://whatsthedifference.blog/worldview-1  

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Christmas Wish List 2020

Thank you for looking into classroom and school items that you can donate to help Salem Christian School continue to provide an exceptional Christian education.  We are grateful for every partner of SCS’s ministry.   You can donate directly through our donate button, purchase and deliver the item(s),  or send [...]

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