Salem Christian School has shifted to remote learning due to the state mandates until further notice.

Fortunately, we have a plan already in response to Governor Wolf’s mandate. We can all agree that this is  unprecedented and challenging. We are focusing on learning within a remote-learning manner. The teachers are adjusting to an entirely different type of learning model so that they minimize any disruption. They have spent countless hours readjusting lessons and instruction so that they can continue to do what they love to do, love and teach their students. Of course, families will need to adjust and learn how to use the LMS (Learning Management System) that we already have in place and used in classrooms. A separate tutorial will be sent for students and families to familiarize themselves with it.


Monday, March 16, 2020 will be a day off of school.  This day will enable the teachers to transition to this entirely new format. The following day, Tuesday, March 20, 2020, will begin online learning for the duration of the mandated closure.


The teachers will be using the following tools to ensure learning is happening, even remotely:


LMS (Learning Management System) – Module of RenWeb

·     Instructions and tutorial links are embedded in this email and will be provided again as the need arises.

·     Mr. Lewis will have a live tutorial in the event we have a closure. The webinar link for each grade level and corresponding time will be provided to learn the system and have questions answered.

·     Each students and family should familiarize themselves with the LMS. The student login will provide access. Additionally, every teacher has access to the username and password if the student does not know it. Again, it is the same as their login at school.

·     The teachers will be posting their lessons, videos, links, documents, and resources in addition to the assignments, discussions, and other lessons within the LMS.

·     Because LMS and RenWeb are integrated, the teacher will ensure that all LMS items synch to their lesson plans and gradebook within RenWeb.



·     This is a cloud conference/webinar program the teachers, staff, and administration will use in order to connect live with their students and families.

·     The teachers will be using this tool to schedule office hours and connect with people. They will send a link to their students/families that will provide the time of their web meeting with their students and/or parents.

·     Mr. Lewis will provide a webinar in addition to the online sources in addition to Q & A time for help with connecting and navigating the LMS etc..

·     Any smartphone, iPad, lap-top or other similar device is comparable.


Videos and Tutorials

·     Tutorials and videos will be provided by the teacher to help with lessons.

·     The teachers will attach these files within their LMS for the students.

·     Our daily devotional will be uploaded into each homeroom LMS for the duration of our absence.


Project Based Learning

·     The teachers may be providing projects with supporting instruction and resources for the students.

·     The projects will enable the teachers to give the goal, tasks, and then support the student throughout the learning process


In summary, the first day of closure will be a day for the teachers to transition into this new paradigm. We will then commence with remote learning. The faculty and staff will have virtual office hours. Mr. Lewis will have tutorial with Q&A. Additionally, we will be posting lessons, resources, and videoed within the LMS module of RenWeb.


As Dr. Stanton said to the teachers, “In the great words of our cousins across the pond, ‘Be Calm and Carry On’. We are strong and reliant school and will get through this even better.


Thank you to everyone’s grace, understanding, support, and communication during this unsettling and challenging national event. We are excited about the possibility to be a be on of excellence within the greater Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. As a Lehigh Valley Christian school, we have the opportunity to make a difference that our counterparts cannot do.  Together within Christian unity and God’s blessings, amazing things will happen.