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Purpose and Meaning Make a Difference

Welcome to another episode in my Worldview series.  This episode, I discuss purpupose. I propose that knowing our purpose and how it guides our thinking towards truth is important.  It is more than just an existential question.  It is practical too.  If we know our purpose then our vocation, relationships, and life all have meaning [...]

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Does The Beginning Make A Difference?

The answers to the questions of our universe’s origins and human beginnings will certainly make a difference in a Christian education.  Mainly, there is no need for a Christain education if there is no imprint of the creator in the content and skills being taught.  After all, Christian education is [...]

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What Difference Does God Make?

The thinking we have about God and who he is is essential.  Knowing God as omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) and omnipresent (present everywhere) is a keystone to the Christian thought.  To a Christian, it is essential to see Jesus Christ as God. He is part of the trinity [...]

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What’s Real?

We hope you get a broader understanding what Christian education is.  And, we hope that you find Salem Christian School the premier Christian school in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. This is an episode within a series by Dr. Stanton, our Head of School, on Christian worldview.  Resulting from [...]

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Thinking is Essential

It is important for everyone to consider their thinking. We all do it. If we want to live a good and virtuous life, we must think good and virtuously. Dr. Stanton presents worldview a chat about thinking.  Enjoy the podcast by clicking the link below.   https://whatsthedifference.blog/worldview-1  

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